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Modern architectural designs and increased energy ratings

Adelaide Balustrade and Fencing design, manufacture and install louvre sunscreens and louvre sunshades products for all types of construction in the building industry, ranging from residential homes, multi-unit apartments, high-rise buildings, commercial and industrial projects.

AeroBlade elliptical louvre range

Our Aero Blade louvres range in size from 70mm up to 600mm and are available in many different configurations. Larger elliptical profiles have become very popular with architects and designers recently. The larger profiles can be mounted in numerous orientations including horizontal, vertical, and protruding above or below the main support struts.

Our Aero Blade Louvre Sunscreens are available in two standard designs or we can custom manufacture to your design requirements.

AeroBlade 88 Modular Louvre Sunscreen

A popular sun louvre sunscreen selected for protection of individual windows and generally suited to residential homes and apartment buildings. The 88mm elliptical louvres are fixed at a 25 degree angle inside an 80mm x 40mm fully welded frame. The sunscreen frame is fixed to the facade in combination with additional support struts, either above or below the screen. The “AeroBlade 88 series” louvre sunscreen is economical and provides a unique, contemporary style to your home or building project.

AeroBlade 120 Continuous Louvre Sunscreen

This elliptical sun louvre sunscreens has been designed for the solar protection of windows where a continuous sunscreen is required and is regularly used on commercial and industrial projects. The 120mm elliptical louvres are generally fixed between aluminium outriggers which are bolted to support brackets attached to the building structure or can be used as an infill for structural steel frames.


An extensive range of powdercoat finishes and anodised finishes are available providing a maintenance free product with loads of appeal.


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