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It’s amazing… so many of our clients expect a new pool fence to be obtrusive and spoil the outlook of their new pool. Once completed we hear…

“WOW, that looks even better than it did without a pool fence.”

At Adelaide Balustrade and Fencing we’ve been manufacturing and installing pool fences for over 30 years. With this experience, you are assured only first-class materials and service giving you “peace of mind” when we’re fencing your pool.

We pride ourselves on quality and service and look forward to offering you a one-stop solution to all your pool fence requirements.

When selecting a fence for your swimming pool, there are generally 3 types available; Frameless Glass pool fences, Semi Frameless glass pool fences and Tubular fences.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

Considered by many as the most prestigious “top of the range” pool fencing available. Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide provides optimum views and a stunning architectural look while most importantly providing a safe environment for your family and friends.

Our Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide comprises of 12mm thick, Grade A, toughened glass panels and are supported by Polished Stainless Steel mini posts or Aluminium powdercoat painted mini posts which are usually core drilled into pavers / concrete etc.

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide

This Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide is the latest form of pool fencing to enhance your outdoor entertaining area, at approximately half the cost of a Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide.

Semi Frameless pool fences provide a superb view, are visually appealing and of excellent quality allowing you to create a stylish, spacious but most importantly a safe environment for your family and friends.

Aluminium Tubular Pool Fencing

Aluminium tubular pool fences have long been the most popular type of pool fence to provide a safe environment for your family and friends due to being economical, flexible in design and available in a large range of long lasting Powdercoat Painted colours.

Our standard range of tubular fences incorporates the latest in popular designs or we can customize the fence to your design. Many of our clients are also choosing a combination of tubular and Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Adelaide.

All 3 types of these fences, when fabricated and installed correctly, will comply with Australian Standard AS 1926.1 (swimming pool safety).

Here’s a brief summary of the standard:

  • Minimum fence height 1.2 metres including a 900mmnon-climb zone.
  • Maximum opening in or under fence 100mm.
  • Top of fence to be minimum 1.2 metres from any stepping point.
  • Gates / doors to open outward from pool area with self-closing hinges.
  • Self-latching gate latch to be minimum 1.5 metres from ground
  • Glass gates must latch 150mm from top of gate on the inside.
  • Boundary fences to be minimum 1.8 metres high on the pool side of fence.

Contact us for your free quotation.

Our experienced salespeople will assess your fencing requirements, advise you of how to comply to relevant safety regulations, show you the different designs of fences available and discuss any of your concerns. We will then provide you with a written, fixed price quotation. Alternatively, come to our showroom at Welland to see the different products available.

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