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Considered by many as the most prestigious “top of the range” pool fencing available.

Frameless glass fencing provides optimum views and a stunning architectural look while most importantly providing a safe environment for your family and friends.

Our Frameless Glass fencing comprises of 12mm thick, Grade A, toughened glass panels and are supported by Polished Stainless Steel mini posts or Aluminium powdercoat painted mini posts which are usually core drilled into pavers / concrete etc.

Our 12mm toughened glass gates pivot on an underground hydraulic floor spring for controlled operation, preventing the gate from excessive banging, and are hinged using high quality stainless steel patch fittings, combined with the side pull Magna Latch to provide a superior self closing and self latching pool gate.

Glass meets Australian Standard 1288-2006 (glazing code). Fence and gates meet Australian Standard AS1926.1-2007 (swimming pool safety).


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